Shaping the Future of Young Minds!

Educatus Expo is an interaction platform that brings together aspiring students and professional educational institutions, to help students make the best career choice. Primarily, we are an Exhibition Forum for the exchange of information between the Institutions/Universities and students. Our Expo constitutes of more than 100 leading providers of professional education from both India and abroad.

The overriding objective here at the Educatus Expo is to bring together professionals who work in the area of education to assist students with respect to their professional careers.

The previous editions of the Educatus Expo have been highly successful in providing participants with ample opportunities to examine and choose from a multitude of professional career options, and for those who have just completed their schooling and are looking for guidance when it comes to choosing their career. And now, we intend to take it up a notch! 

Our Mission

Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions of a student’s life.The best career choices are made when we are informed. Through our Expo, we hope to inspire and provide information to the Aspirants, and help them make an informed career choice. At Educatus, we aim to provide insight and inspiration from leading education pioneers and experts to young minds, helping to bridge the communication gap. We envision to create an unparalleled platform for exchange of information between businesses, academia, media as a whole, and students. Through our initiative, we hope to make a positive contribution towards the Education ecosystem in India. The Exhibition centres of the Educatus Expo are strategically chosen taking into account the number of aspirants for professional courses vis-à-vis availability of seats in the state. Across all the Educatus Sessions, we continue to give the best to all our exhibitors, in terms of our services, hospitality and student pool at each location.

Based on our previous experiences of successfully organizing and managing education forums across various cities in India, we at Educatus are driven to enable a marked improvement in educational outcomes by providing an interactive platform between prospective students and professional education institutions, under one roof. 

Founder's Message

Dear Exhibitor,

Getting children into right school and college/university is the closest parents can come to a magic bullet which will shoot down all our development woes. Everyone knows that right education at the right time is the basic need that has to be met if future opportunities are to be seized, not just for better livelihoods but for better nutrition, health, civic and social consciousness. The investments in education and training can thus help reduce inequality while expanding economic opportunity.

The Exhibition across 11 potential cities is an earnest effort towards bringing together the aspiring talent pool and the Educational Institutions under one roof for interactions to make the best choice keeping in the view the required parameters.

The Exhibition centres are strategically chosen keeping in mind the number of aspirants for professional courses vis-à-vis availability of seats in the state. In all our endeavours, we would continue to give the best to all our exhibitors, whether it is our services, hospitality and number of students at each location.

I eagerly look forward to your association and experience with ‘SS Exhibitions & Media (P) Ltd’.

With Warm Personal Regards, 

Manish Dhanda 


Educatus History

  • 2018
    The Growth Continues

    The Growth Continues

    We have this year, expanded to one more Indian Location – Varanasi and one International location - Dhaka, Bangladesh.  We now wish to focus more on international shows in coming few years in order to showcase India as a promising destination for quality higher education. We see a great potential in attracting foreign students from across South-East Asia & Africa.


    Educatus reaches 2 more India cities - Jamshedpur & Ranchi and is by now present in 12 Indian Cities & 1 International Location.
  • 2013
    Educatus gains Popularity

    Educatus gains Popularity

    The popularity increases and the New Delhi Edition of the expo had to be held twice within a span of 25-30 days with separate brand names.

    Reach Increases

    Educatus is now in 11 total cities after 8 years of existence.
  • 2011
    Expansion Continues

    Expansion Continues

    From 4 Indian Cities, the exhibition expands and is executed in two more Indian locations of Palampur, and Srinagar.

    Going International

    Educatus goes international with expanding its roots to Kathmandu, Nepal. 6 Indian Cities in and 1 international location in the 6th year of its existence.  
  • 2008
    3 More Cities

    3 More Cities

    Having held multiple exhibitions in New Delhi successfully in 2006 - 2007, Educatus grew and expanded to 3 more India cities - Jammu, Chandigarh, and Patna.

    Bringing Institutions Together

    The biggest challenge to convince the top colleges/universities offering Engineering, Management & medical programs to come under one roof was overcome successfully in order to facilitate students & parents as the number of seats were very limited. 
  • 2006
    The Birth

    The Birth

    Educatus was born in 2006 out Manish Dhandha’s powerful realization of the need of help required by students and parents in making the right career choices from choosing the right course to right institution.

    First Edition

    The first edition of the exhibition was executed at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. With participation from 20 colleges and universities across India offering courses like Engineering, Management, and Medical Sciences, the exhibition saw 6000 aspiring students along with parents walking in, searching for good higher education institutions for their children and leaving satisfied with a gamut of higher education options provided for parents under one roof.